Point and Click vs Traditional Staging

Do you need help with your property – consider a stager.

Why should I hire a stager:

  • A stager can showcase the strengths of a home. Most homes have characteristics that are selling points like large rooms or great light. If the strengths of the home are not actively showcased, they could go unnoticed, and money could be left on the table.
  • A stager has access to a large variety of furniture and accessories, something a homeowner selling a home would not need to purchase.
  • A stager will know what style works for the buying demographic. I.E.  A stager will help you get top dollar.
  • A stager brings a professional and neutral eye to your home. Many homeowners are connected to their things and how they used them in their home. The home is now for sale so those things become secondary. A stager can suggest what items stay and what items should be stored away.

What can I expect from hiring a professional stager:

For a vacant home

Typically a stager does not charge to provide a quote for staging.  The stager will preview the home take notes, photos and any measurements needed. The stager will then  send a written proposal for staging.

For occupied homes

An initial in-home appointment with a professional stager usually lasts between one and three hours. And there is an hourly fee charged.  The stager will determine what should stay, what should go into storage and what items might be moved to different locations, and will assess the property’s general readiness to be staged.  If furnishings are needed a proposal will be provided for the items needed.

If the proposal is approved, a simple agreement  will be drawn up and a staging day scheduled. Staging typically takes one day, but large properties can require more time. The home will be destaged after it has been sold or as per the contract.

**Most professional stagers won’t stage in homes with cats for fear of scratched furniture, and some do not work in homes with any pets. Others will stage a home with animals only if they are kept out of the staged rooms. The issue of pets is an important point to discuss with your home staging professional.


When should I use Point and Click Staging and When should I hire a stager?

If you have already met with a stager to get your house prepared to go on the market and you need the basics –  Use Point and Click Staging

If your Realtor recommends replacing your dated or tired living room set – Use Point and Click Staging

If you have an investment property and your designer recommends furnishings – use Point and Click Staging

If you have done upgrades on your home and you don’t want to do upgrades on your furniture – Use Point and Click Staging


If you start down the path of getting your home ready and are not sure what rooms to stage – Hire a Stager (we can give you a referral)

If you want more furniture options – Hire a Stager (we can give you a referral)

If you are selling a large property that requires a more customized look – Hire a Stager (we can give you a referral)